Ryan - I am a New Englander, a hottub lover, a nurse and after 5 years of tub ownership -I became allergic to our tub and its chemicals! You can imagine my frustration when the diagnosis was finalized, &quote;Stay out of the hottub&quote;, said my doctor...my husband continued to enjoy our tub, alone. In a fit of desperation last winter I was surfing the internet for a chemical-free solution to keeping our tub clean without causing my horrible skin reactions and then I found The Natural Solution website. I purchased the starter kit and we've not looked back. You've made believers out of me and my husband (who feared a hoax). Our tub is crystal clear, I have no allergies, but instead can enjoy the tub any time I like. THANK YOU!!!!

PS I'm telling all of our hottub owning friends, too, so be prepared!
KARIN & SCOTT in Newbury, Mass.
Hi Ryan, Here is my opinion of The Natural Solution.

About 4 years ago we bought a hot tub, we also bought the hot tub products that one typically buys. It occurred to me one day after I added yet another bottle of chemical to my hot tub, that I was mixing up a soup. I really felt that I was adding and adding different bottles that we were sitting in a chemical soup. It really bothered me especially since we used the hot tub every day, and the kids were big users of the hot tub.

I began researching different options to chemicals, and after 3-4 months of researching I decided to try a Natural Hot Tub. This product has worked very well for us, there is no smell and it is very easy. Something that really stands out in my mind is that one day we emptied our tub out and we (accidentally) dumped some of the water on the grass and a couple of days later our grass died. When we talked to Ryan he told us that The Natural Solution was perfectly safe. So we purposely dumped out the water on our grass, to see the difference, after a couple of days we went to check on the grass and it had grown twice as tall, and was very green and lush. If our grass dies because we accidentally spilt some of the water, what was I subjecting our family to. I WAS SOLD, no more chemical soup for us!!!

Ryan...I am more than pleased with your excellent product. I have sensitive skin & suffered from all sorts of maladies with other products. Since using The Natural Solution, I am a happy camper. The water in this area would gag a maggot & I had to drain my hot tub regularly until I found your product. Now, I just clean the filter & the water stays crystal clear. I already have your site on my favorites list for future orders.

Thank you for adding much enjoyment to an old cowboy's life.
F.T. in La Mesa, NM.
When we got our tub about 5 years ago we knew we wanted to check out alternatives to chemical treatment. Our first discovery was a copper ion product named Rainforest Blue. Our experience with this was not that great. The water was constantly clouding up requiring frequent shocking and we felt the need to frequently change the water completely as it just seemed to get dirtier over time..about every 2 or 3 months. Constantly checking PH, worrying about getting it right or should we add more. Also a greenish film that required scrubbing to remove would form at the waterline.

Then we heard about this enzyme based product called The Natural Solution at a local health show and decided to try it. We have had nothing but good results with this product. The water stays clear and clean (although if my daughter brings in a pack of friends for a party it can cloud up a bit and need to recover for a day or two). A big plus is that it really doesn't seem to require changing. No tub staining. The water is silky smooth to the skin. We never check the PH because it always feels and looks perfect or, as I said, corrects itself after heavy use.

It's definitely the most maintenance free easy system we could imagine. More people need to learn about this and get off the chemical bandwagon. It's good for the environment and hassle free tubbing!

Also, I can't say enough about the good service that Ryan provides. He really makes you feel like you are a person and not just another sale.

PAUL & ADRIANA in Victoria, BC, Canada.
Dear Ryan, We found your product on the internet approximately 2 years ago while searching for a product friendly to eczema prone skin. The traditional hot tub chemicals were forcing us to endure itching rashes and burning noses/eyes every use. The secondary problem was a chemical bill of nearly $100.00 per month.

Your product promised to be economical, skin friendly, easy to use and non harmful to clothing and animals!

We received our order and began using it immediately.....what a difference. It was all you promised. We will never go back to chemicals. Our grandson can even drink the water, and does! Our daughter with eczema can enjoy the hot tub instead of being left out! Like it or not my swimsuit has lasted 2 years, I can get a new one for fun not cuz it rotted off. Last but not least we have saved $2400.00 in chemical costs over the past two years. I won't tell you what we spent that money on but it was better than chemicals!!!!

Thank you for all the benefits of The Natural Solution and you are stuck with us as customers!!!
Yours Truly, Content Canadian Customers, R and K
Hi there Ryan, Just a quick note to say thank you for offering your products. The Natural Solution products you offer are every bit as good as you advertise. I had been having real problems with bromine as you said you had, before finding these wonderful products and like you frustrated, I thought I would give this stuff a try. I found &quote;The Natural Solution&quote; site while searching for an alternative typing in &quote;natural treatments for hot tubs & spas&quote; in the Google toolbar, your site was the first one listed and it sure sounded good. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have come in contact with your products and the &quote;Solution&quote; to our chemical treatment woes because I now have the answer and it is good indeed. No more problems here, I am truly satisfied.
Thanks again, Joanne from Dunbar, WI
We bought our first Hot Tub in 1992 and ended up selling it with our house when we moved to Qualicum Beach in 1997 as during the 5 years we had it we had nothing but trouble due to my wife's reaction to chemicals. We bought a Jack Pack in order to get away from the chemicals but we still had to use a small amount of chemicals and it still created problems for my wife. We tried everything in the world and nothing and I really mean nothing would work. The time and money we spent around this problem was thousands of dollars and we finally gave up and stop using it. When we moved to Qualicum Beach my neighbor had a spa and was using The Natural Solution and one evening my wife tried their hot tub and no problems! A week later we purchased another spa and have been using The Natural Solution ever since and now the spa is a pleasure to use as my wife has had no reactions to The Natural Hot Tub. Clear water, no smell, easy to use, and one side benefit is that cost is nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11 years and no problems.
Garry & Sue from Qualicum Beach, B.C., Canada
Ryan, Just a quick note to say thank you for both the product and your help in &quote;walking&quote; me through the processes. The product is every bit as good as advertised. Probably, better! My wife and I had been having real problems with the chlorine and we felt we might have to give up our spa or at least cut back on our time in it. We were both greatly disturbed by that idea, and then I came upon &quote;The Natural Solution&quote; site. We cannot tell you how happy we are that we came in contact with you and the &quote;Solution.&quote;
Again, thanks for all your help. Bob and Sue from New York

We received our latest order promptly! Thank you! As far as a testimonial, I will tell anyone - I am very happy with the products! We have had our hot tub for a year now. The chemicals that came with the tub caused my skin to be very dry and itch! We have emptied our tub twice in the past year and refilled using The Natural Solution. The water is crystal clear and has no type of odor!
Thanks! Arlene in Zuni, Virginia.
Couldn't be more satisfied!
I've used The Natural Solution for about 8 months now, and couldn't be more satisfied. (unless it were cheaper and they came and dumped it in theirselves) It is fool proof, makes the water very nice, doesn't irritate your skin, I think you can stay in longer without wrinkleing up, and is the solution I've been hoping for. Call and order, and before you get off the phone, the mailman is knocking on your door. Ryan is a super nice guy, very knowlegeable, and a pleasure to buy from. I totally wholeheartedly recommend getting it from him!!
John in South Bend, Indiana
After putting The Natural Solution to the test this Summer, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. We have struggled and tried many different products, all of them working for a short while then once again we would end up with itchy skin and coughing. (Not to mention the daily maintenance) The Natural Solution let me enjoy my summer with very little effort on my part to keep the Hot Tub sparkling clean. Thank you for offering such a great product that ended all my frustrations with my Hot Tub.
Naturally, Autumn in Anchorage, AK
Ryan, I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I love rainbow rocks...I have always been a candle lover...now with tropical birds I no longer can burn candles, use room sprays etc...heard of birds dying from candle smoke etc. So I happened to see these rocks in a store on my way to Las Vegas...that was about 3 years ago. I liked the lavender fragrance and thought I would give them a try..Not only do I love them, I have my daughter, Mom, and nieces hooked on them...They are great gifts, especially for the older ladies in our family that either forget a burning candle or just don't want to mess with the lighting of them...I have people all the time ask me what is that great fragrance in the bathroom . I also like them in our travel trailer..... I have been so hooked on the lavender, but plan to try some new fragrances soon. I like the way you can refresh them but tossing them around a little in the bowl.....and the refresher oil lasts forever.....they are terrific gifts and with Christmas coming I will be purchasing even more.........Thank you so much for for your great product and your terrific service!!!
Marie in Fresno, California
I tried chlorine, I tried bromine, I tried baquaspa, and none of them worked.
I have been using The Natural Solution for 1 year now. Before I found this product I was ready to sell my hot tub. I tried chlorine, I tried bromine, I tried baqua spa and none of them worked. If my wife had not insisted we keep our hot tub I would have actually sold it. But then I found The Natural Solution on the internet and decided to give it a try. I have enjoyed using my hot tub for the past year due to the effectiveness of The Natural Solution. I spend very little time now with hot tub maintenance. I check the ph level from time to time and every 3 months I add another bottle of The Natural Solution and I'm done! This product literally saved my hot tub. Thanks Ryan for a great product!!
Cory in Escondido, CA
I would LOVE to give my testimony about The Natural Solution!!!!! It's GREAT!!!!!
&quote;I had just purchased my new spa and within a few weeks I was ready to sell it! I was testing everyday and the water was still not right, sometimes the chemicals were so strong, it burned our skin or made us itch. I was ready to give up, and then I discovered The Natural Solution and I can't believe how simple it is to take care of my spa. The water is crystal clear all the time, no testing, no smell, no chemicals. After my son and his friends used the spa, the water was so cloudy, but just a little bleach and it was crystal clear again. The Natural Solution is the BEST!!! I will never be without it!!!&quote;
Connie in Barlow, KY
Just wanted to let you know I love my rainbow rocks. They have given me much pleasure. The lavender is heavenly. I got them from you at the state fair. Have been looking for a long time for a fragrance like this for my bedroom. One that stays and is noticeable for a long time. Thanks again for your service.
Glenn in Mansfield, TX
We love The Natural Solution. I have rarely gone in a swimming pool because I dislike chlorine so much. So when we were buying our new home - with a hot tub inside, I was concerned about how we would keep it running clean. Plus, it's an older tub, so it doesn't come with any of the hi-tech filters that are on some of the newer ones. My wife researched our options, and we decided to give The Natural Solution a try. We love it. It just works, there's no odor, and the water feels soft and clean. I would highly recommend your product to anyone looking for a non-chemical natural solution.
Jim in Loveland, CO
Shortly after purchasing our hot tub my wife became allergic to the bromine and chlorine used for hot tubs. We searched desperately for a solution. We found The Natural Solution almost two years ago. My wife has been trouble free! Although we still monitor the PH from time to time I have yet to add any chemicals to adjust the PH. There is no chemical smell and no foaming suds to contend with and we only have to add the product every three months.
Robert & Lisa in Lebanon, PA
Finally, suds/foam and the resulting scummy residue are a thing of the past.
As a long-term customer, I want to thank you again for a wonderful product. We’ve been using The Natural Solution for over a year now and are so happy we no longer have to experience the smell and harshness of bromine. Our spa water retains that just-filled fresh feeling between each big cleaning. Not only that, but the pH stays steady! Previously, I’d have to adjust the pH weekly, adding more and more chemicals to the spa all the time. Finally, suds/foam and the resulting scummy residue are a thing of the past. I used to use a de-suds product every time we turned the spa on. It’s so easy to care for our spa these days, and a pleasure to use to use it. Thank you for a great product — and for your expanding product line. I can’t wait to try some of the new items you’re now offering.
E.B.H in Yardley, PA
We have totally eliminated that locker room smell
We have been using The Natural Solution now for 3 months... My wife & I find the products to be great as we have totally eliminated that locker room smell and I have had no need to shower after using my hot-tub to avoid irritating rashes from the chemicals in my tub... We have been informing many of our friends of these products, with great enthusiasm...
Gary Meunier
Ballston Spa, NY
I have had a spa for years constantly dumping chemicals in checking this and that day after day and the smell, until I found spa magic easy to use no
smell it is great stuff !!! had a minor problem when getting used to it e-mailed Ryan and he responded in less than 12 hours unbelievable.....
Kudos from Australia!
I would like to let you know how The Natural Solution is working. We have had our spa now for 1 year and for the first six months we used chemicals and after a few months my wife would come out in a rash every time she used the spa, there was nothing available in Australia as a natural alternative to stop the irritation to her skin, after some research on the internet we came across The Natural Solution and decided to give it a try. We run the cleanser through the spa for 5 days then added The Water Treatment and Conditioner and my wife had no reaction at all. It is now 6 months using The Natural Solution and my wife and friends who use the spa comment how amasing that they no longer have trouble with their skin as with other spas they have been in.
Thanking you for a fantastic product,
Terry Fullerton
Works just like it is advertised.
Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with this product. We became hot tub owners when we purchased our home in June and the tub came with the home. I was immediately put off by how much work was involved with the constant checking and balancing chemicals - not to mention the chemical smell. We even considered trading the tub in for a sauna. I tried another natural product and quickly learned that it took just as much checking and was only a different kind of balancing act. Your product works just like it is advertised. The tub has stayed crystal clear and the water feels and smells great without the constant monitoring and balancing of chemicals.
Joe Streetman
Richland, WA
I use The Natural Solution and always will.
I would highly recommend The Natural Solution you never need to use all the harmful chemicals in your hot tub. One bottle of The Water Treatment and Conditioner every three months saves you a lot of money and also a lot of time. I use The Natural Hot Tub and always will.
Bridgette Burnett
Potsdam, NY
I was ready to give up until I found this product.
We've been spa owners for several years and everytime the challenge was getting the chemicals right. We had some of everything on the market and spent quite a bit, but most of the time my husband broke out from the chemicals and we were always fighting foam, chemical imbalance or water clarity and we cleaned the spa monthly. We were always wondering what we did wrong and we didn't feel safe in the spa water. I was ready to give up until I found this product. We've been using The Natural Solution for over a year now. The first thing we noticed was how clean the water felt, almost silky. The chemical problems, foam and water clarity were no longer a problem. Our spa water stays clean with no chemicals for three months at a time. My husband no longer breaks out and there's no chemical smell. Follow directions and you're done for three months!!! We're convinced, love the product and will keep ordering as long as we have a spa. Another consideration, very inexpensive for 1 product we use every three months. Orders placed with Ryan are received in three days. So we have an excellent product, inexpensive , order online, fast shipping, solved all of the spa problems - what else could we want?
Thank you!!!!!!
Sandra & Odie
Auburn, GA
After enjoying 3 full months of fresh, clean water, we're returning customers
After 2 years of suffering the unpleasant smell and feel of bromine in our Sundance spa, we decided to try The Natural Solution a few months ago. We weren't sure what to expect. But now, after enjoying 3 full months of fresh, clean water, we're returning customers. Our Ph remained stable the whole 3 months, something we used to have to adjust weekly, adding more and more chemicals to the spa all the time. And, one of the most pleasant surprises was the fact that there was no foaming! That also was a weekly problem before, requiring us to add yet more chemicals to the spa. We couldn't be more pleased, and are now Natural Solution believers!
Thank you for a great product.
Elizabeth Hooker
Yardley, PA
I'm able to use my hot tub every night without any dry skin!
I have been using The Natural Solution now for 6 months, and love it. When we first got our hot tub, I barely used it because my skin would dry out due to the chemicals. After ordering The Natural Solution, I'm able to use my hot tub every night without any dry skin! I would never again go back to using chemicals. I'll be a Natural Solution customer for life!!
Cambridge Springs, PA
NO MORE &quote;ring around the tub&quote;
I live in New Jersey and have a &quote;softub&quote; spa. It is in use year round. In the past I have been very unhappy with several chlorine and bromine
based spa treatments. I recently discovered The Natural Solution and have been using it now for about six months. It's great. The water has never been
clearer. No more chlorine smell. No more burning eyes and irritated skin. But the best part is there is NO MORE &quote;ring around the tub&quote;.
That sticky residue is gone. Also the Filter Cleaner works great on the filters. Put a little in a five gallon pail of warm water along with the
dirty filter, let it soak for two weeks, hose it off and exchange it with the dirty filter in the spa. My wife and I couldn't be happier with The Natural Solution.
Thanks for all your help.
John K. Siller
Flemingon, NJ
There's no smell, the water is soft, clear and natural
I've only been a spa owner for about a year...at first I used the chemicals the dealer that sold me the spa suggested. I did that for a month or two then purchased The Natural Solution. After following the simple directions...I can't tell you how pleased I am (not to mention how easy it was to get in touch with when I had a question). There's no smell, the water is soft, clear and natural and now we can enjoy sitting on the deck after relaxing in the spa rather than running inside to wash off the chemicals. Thanks so much for a great product and great service.
Warwick, NY
We ordered the start-up kit and extra cleaner. We could not believe the difference in our water. It's amazing.
The water in our hot tub started to become very cloudy. We tried everything we could think of to get it to stay clear. Every few days it would turn cloudy again. It even turned green at one point. We also noticed a musty odor from the water. We stopped using the tub because of the odor and the cloudy water. In a period of 8 weeks we emptied the tub 3 times. Purchased a new filter. Even replaced the supplies. We thought we had gotten a bad batch of chemicals. We even called the dealer where we purchased the tub and asked for advice. He told us the same things we had already done. We were thinking about selling the tub. It wasn't worth the hassle. I have to mention our tub was very well taken care of. We use it every day and it was spotless. I searched the web hoping to find something that might help us. I discovered The Natural Solution. I saved the web site. We discussed some of the other chemicals. We changed to a bromine chemical treatment. It helped for a week and then went back to the musty odor. The price of The Natural Solution was affordable to try.

We ordered the start-up kit and extra cleaner. We could not believe the difference in our water. Its amazing. It has been 3 months and we have had no problems. We have had our tub for 4 years. We average close to $400 a year on chemicals and filter. Also changing the water 3 or 4 times a year. Not only does The Natural Solution work very well, it is very affordable. Customer service has also been great, Ryan is very helpful with all of my questions. We are very happy with the results. I also have to mention it doesn't make your skin dry.
M. Greene
Warminster, Pa
We have clear, clean water that doesn’t smell!
&quote;After having gone through two Nebraska winters with our hot tub/spa we were getting ready to fill it again and needed to order chemicals for the season. We always emptied the tub during the hot summer months and refilled it from mid October to sometime in May, usually eight months total. We had been using a monospersulfate purifier, Nature2, for our treatment along with the chemicals that were appropriate for this purifier. We would have to empty the water every two to three months and add a new Nature 2 cartridge to the filter area every four months to maintain the purity of the water. This was only the beginning of what we had to do to the water! Even though we would shower prior to using the spa we would constantly fight cloudy water, foamy water, scum lines and smelly chemicals. The cost of chemicals was about $80 each time we would go to the spa store to buy more Nature 2, shock, water clarifier, acid down and scum balls. We also purchased a sump pump to aid in emptying the water in the middle of winter every two to three months. And, it was a constant job to test and try to adjust the ph due to our hard water.

During my search on the internet for a new way to treat the water I ran into your web site. I had friends who used chlorine and bromine and knew that I didn’t want to go to those chemicals because of the harm they do to the tub and to the skin. After numerous emails back and forth to Ryan Taggart I decided to go ahead and try The Natural Solution. I purchased a start up kit and followed the instructions cleaning both the tub and the underside of the spa cover. We then filled the spa with clean water and added The Natural Solution 3 month water treatment. We have currently had The Natural Solution in our spa since October 9th and we have clear, clean water that doesn’t smell! My grandkids have been in the spa many times and we have no scum line from their hair gels or lotions either! Our ph continues to register on the 8.4 scale which I understand is normal for The Natural Solution. We have not had to adjust or shock the water but the fact we can do that with baking soda, vinegar or regular household bleach means ease and a great savings on the cost of expensive chemicals. What impresses us the most is the fact there is no smell when we open the cover, no scum on the water line and our skin is smooth and soft when we get out of the tub. I have ordered another treatment for January and we are looking forward to not having to drag out the sump pump and hoses in the middle of winter to empty the spa and start all over again. I am a believer!&quote;
Jane E. McCain
Coordinator Special Events
Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce
We share the news with all we know who have spas!
&quote;I found The Natural Solution in the Spring of 2005 when looking for a spa system or product that would be natural and not harsh on skin. My husband was going through chemotherapy and the spa provided him with much comfort so he was using it many times a day. As you can imagine that would dry out his skin. We were not using chlorine but bromine based products and they were still too harsh. I did some Internet research and found The Natural Solution. I ordered a starter set and love it! I also got a spare set of filters and the costs are less than the bunch of chemicals I was getting before the switch. And my husband, who is now cancer free thanks me each week for the spa and how natural it is. I love it too as often in the winter it is easy with other systems to get dry skin. We have had no such situation with The Natural Solution and we share the news with all we know who have spas!&quote;
Nancy Sogliuzzo
San Diego
The results were astounding!
Thank you for an incredible product. I bought a very expensive spa and was unable to use it because of extreamly bad chemical reactions. We removed the water and replaced it with The Natural Solution and the results were astounding. Not only can I now go in my spa, I can put my head under and my skin feels so soft when I get out. My deepest appreciation for a fantastic product,
Janette Buckley
Satisfied Customer
Thank you for this great product.
I just have to write to tell you how PLEASED we are with The Natural Solution! I was a little dubious, but hate bromine so much I wanted to give something else a try. We used the whole cleansing system and refilled our Sundance spa 3 weeks ago. The pH has been stable for the first time since we've had the spa (used to have to bump it up or down weekly). We've had no smell, no excessive suds, and the water is clear. Thank you for this great product. We will definitely be reordering in a few months!
Elizabeth Hooker in Yardley, PA
My hot tub stays beautifully clear for 3 months! No smell, no muss.
I have been using The Natural Solution for 6 months now and I have to say I LOVE IT! Previously I used bromine and hated the way it smelled and I was
constantly trying to adjust the PH levels. With The Natural Solution, I follow the directions and that's it! My hot tub stays beautifully clear for 3 months! No smell, no muss. I will never go back to bromine. Another plus...it doesn't fade my swimsuit.
Pamela Tracy
Not only is The Natural Solution a wonderful product, your customer service is super!
Just wanted to drop u a line to say that The Natural Solution is a wonderful product. Being a new spa owner i didn't have much knowledge on how to maintain a hot tub. There was alot of work involved in using the different strong chemicals. We had a hard time with the odors of the chemicals, as well as rashes and very dry skin. One day while surfing the internet i came across your web site and decided to give The Natural Solution a try. Wow it is great, no more harsh chemicals. We can now breathe ok, don't have dry skin, and no more rashes.The water is crystal clear and virutually no maintenance needed. I have to say i love it and will keep on ordering it from you, not only is The Natural Solution a wonderful product, your customer service is super. I haven't been looked after that well in a long time. You are quick to mail it out and to get back to me if there is a problem. Again i look forward to doing business with you in the future and again what a wonderful product it is . My hot tub is a joy to have and go in now. My friends love it they say how soft their skin is when they get out.
Take care:
Liz Wegener,
Brampton, Ontario.
Everything they say about the product is true!
I've just recently purchased my second spa, I had a spa for about 8 years and it quit working about a year ago. I was always unhappy with every product I tried. I started with Bromine, It caused me and my husband to have a severe skin rash , then I tried chlorine, we couldn't stand the smell, then we tried mineral tablet you put in the filter they didn't work at all , I tried Nature 2 , it worked so so, but I could never keep my water clear, then I went on to try Baqua, the hot tub always had an odor and was always cloudy. So before I stared up my new spa I went on the internet and did research and found this website. It sounded to good to be true but I decided to try anyway . I have been using The Natural Solution for almost 3 months and everything they say about the product is true. I live in south Georgia and we use our spa year round, I just reordered a 6 month supply.
Thanks for your product.
Nan Miller
We are thrilled with your product!! We switched over to The Natural Solution on June 16 and since then the water has been crystal clear and the Ph has not needed adjusting at all. Just a small amount of bleach is necessary to maintain. I can't tell you how much time my husband spent fiddling with chemicals before we found The Natural Solution. We have told many of our friends about spa magic especially when they are suffering with rashes and dry skin. The Natural Solution feels like a moisture treatment for the skin. The Natural Solution is the only treatment that should be sold with the purchase of a new spa.
Thank again:
Cathy in El Prado, New Mexico
&quote;The Natural Solution is the greatest product ever developed for spas! I have been using it for over a year now and have never had a day's cloudy water, odor, foaming or any other annoying spa problem - not once! Never have I had to use any pH or alkalinity adjusters (neither up nor down) - and frankly, while I don't recommend it - have never tested or had to balance the water in my spa in any manner - since the first test for water parameters (prior to first using The Natural Solution and at twice yearly drainings/refillings).
All I do is clean the spa filter every few months as recommended, pour in a bottle of The Water Treatment and Conditioner every three months, drain and clean twice per year for good measure - and that's it! I spend no time working on my Spa - and all the time enjoying it - and it gets used about 3 times per week!
Prior to The Natural Solution (which I've used right from the start in my new spa), my former spa was nearly always cloudy, foamy and sometimes even slimy (and certainly smelled of bromine) - no matter how hard I tried to balance the water - as if I were a chemist. Now, thanks to The Natural Solution (way more affordable than all the other chemicals formerly needed), the water is soft, crystal clear all the time, completely odorless and does not dry skin or bleach bathing suits or hair.
If you have a spa, you must get The Natural Solution - you will never use anything else! (I wish they had this stuff for swimming pools!)&quote;
Aleasha in Dundalk, Maryland
The Natural Solution is great, I tried everything; chlorine, bromine, salt. Major hassles or major smell. The Natural Solution is the easiest thing on the market. Your service is second to none. Order it and two days later it's here.
Thanks a lot.
Conrad in Palm Desert, Ca
We were using bromine and &quote;shock&quote; treatments in our spa and I was having a problem with my skin which seemed to be aggravated after being in the spa. We found The Natural Solution on the web and have been using it for six months. The spa water is clear and clean and is easy to keep that way.
Mostimportant, my skin problem has stopped.
Jim B. in Louisiana
Hope this helps...Discovering The Natural Solution was truly a dream come true. It turns your tub water into a wonderful refreshing spa...your skin is soft with no chemical odor or residue. The Natural Solution is inexpensive and makes tub maintenance a breeze. A &quote;Must Have&quote; product for all hot tub owners.
Regards, Molly in Virginia
Wanted to let you know that I love The Natural Solution in my spa! Our grandbabies use the spa almost as much as my wife and I do. We love using The Natural Solution for the safety and convenience of maintenance. I wouldn't use anything else in my spa! After a days' end, we look forward to the crystal clear water and fresh fragrance to soak our day away! Thank you for the excellent customer service you give.
Kevin in Denver
Just a note to say how pleased we are about &quote;THE NATURAL SOLUTION&quote;. Have had our Cedar Hot Tub for about 9 months. started to use the &quote;natural solution&quote; after the 1st month. What a difference this made. No more checking water daily, after a couple weeks. Checked the PH every day the 1st week, had to put in 1/2 box baking soda to bring up to 8.4, then checked once more the 2nd week. OK. Checked again in a month and still @ 8.4. O- by the way no more cracked elbows, heels, or dry skin !!!! And it last's for 3 months.
Thank You Ryan for introducing us to the &quote;NATURAL SOLUTION&quote;. It works.
Sincerely, J & S From AZ
I have been using The Natural Solution for six months now. It is far better than the chemicals were. My skin problems caused from the chlorine are gone. Have not had to change my water for six months now. I had a problem with the ph balance three months ago. I called Ryan and he was very helpful. He told me exactly what to do to correct my problem. I am very impressed with The Natural Solution and Ryan in his customer care. Thank you Ryan for helping me solve my hot tub problems with your product. It really does work like its name says.
Ron in Illinios
We really like The Natural Solution! The water in our spa has continued to stay crystal clear and it never leaves our skin feeling itchy or dry. We will continue to use this product for as long as we own a hot tub. I am so glad I found this product, the chemicals we were using from the retailer were causing problems with my skin and my eyes, but thanks to The Natural Solution, no more problems! Have a great day Ryan and we'll talk to you in the future!
Gena in Illinois
We've had great luck with your product! My husband suffers from sarcoidosis (a lung disease) and cannot tolerate any chemical smells anymore. If we hadn't found your product, we would have sold our hot tub.
Thank you, Betty in New York.
Hi Ryan, this is the second bottle of The Natural Solution and it wont be the last!!! We bought an Arctic Spa last yr and used what the dealer told us, it was awful, I got stuck with the chemical checks and getting the water back to normal....this was taking up time and getting to be a real nuisance as the water never stayed 'correct' for more than a day or two. I have very hard water with a lot of metal so I have to add Metal Gone, but other than that we only use The Natural Solution since I found it after cruising the net for something better than what we were doing. I'm so glad I found your site, and I have to say the customer service is very quick!!! I just wanted to tell you that after I got my second shipment, I forgot to drain the hot tub when I put The Natural Solution in and the tub had been going for 4 months after the last drain and the cleaning of the pumps with the cleaner.....guess what? I was totally surprised but it's been beautiful and we've had NO problems with the water. The thing with the chemicals, I couldn't take the smell when raising the lid of the spa.....but now it's like a fresh spring or lake!!! We've used the spa all winter, in the snow and rain....just great!
I just want to thank you, we love The Natural Solution and will be customers for life!!!
Robin in Goldendale, WA
I have used The Natural Solution for years. This has to be the best product it's so easy to use and you don't have to do anything. It's all natural no chemicals. We started out using chemicals when we first bought our hot tub 5 years ago. Always having to check the PH Levels which seemed to be more of a hassle than anything. Some friends of ours told us about the products and we thought we would give it a try and after using it for 5 years we will never try anything else. Their is no smell to worry about, cloudy water, rashes. I used to buy my product locally but that was always a hassle trying to make it in their to pick it up. Then I found this website and the convenience is great. I have recommended this product to several people and they have also been pleased.
Wendy in Oregon.
Thank you again for the prompt service, The Natural Solution arrived yesterday. The product works just as you say it does, my skin is very dry and all the other spa chemicals are harsh and leave rashes and even dryer skin. The Natural Solution treated spa is like getting into a lotion bath, never a problem with dryness or a rash. We are on our 3rd bottle of the product. Without The Natural Solution I my wife would be enjoying the spa without me, takes the fun out of a $5 Thousand purchase. Thanks for the service and the product.
Comfort Bob in Texas
We have owned a spa since 2002 and have had to settle for the smell and irritation of Bromine. That's until we came upon the Natural Spa Solution Website. From that day on we have been using The Natural Solution and I will not use anything else. I now feel comfortable in knowing that the harmful chemicals are gone, and we can enjoy our spa with peace of mind. Thanks Ryan for a Great Product, and I encourage everyone who hasn't tried The Natural Solution to give it a try, you won't be sorry.
Greg in Ontario, Canada
I've only been a spa owner for about a year...at first I used the chemicals the dealer that sold me the spa suggested. I did that for a month or two than purchased The Natural Solution. After following the simple directions...I can't tell you how pleased I am (not to mention how easy it was to get in touch with when I had a question). There's no smell, the water is soft, clear and natural and now we can enjoy sitting on the deck after relaxing in the spa rather than running inside to wash off the chemicals.
Thanks so much for a great product and great service.
Florence in Warwick, NY