How can I contact you?

You can contact me by phone (my name is Ryan) at 1-800-693-0585 or by email at

Do I have to use anything else with The Natural Solution?

From time to time you will need to use other products with The Natural Solution. You will need some ph up and down, some 99% dichlor for shocking, and I recommend have some natural clarifier also. The Natural Solution is to be used in conjunction with the minimum required amount of a EPA registered sanitizer. To be Eco-friendly and not soak in chemicals and breathe toxic fumes, we highly recommend using The Natural Solution with 99% Sodium Dichlor (spa chlorine granules) only. This product is not only a very effective Sanitizer but may also be used as a shock as well. The 99% Sodium Dichlor will gas out of the water really fast, just leave your hot tub open and turn your jets on high it will gas out in about 2 hours, and will not build-up on your spa equipment as some other sanitizers do.

My water is cloudy why?

This can happen from time to time, it is usually caused by dirty filters or heavy usage, don't worry it's easy to fix. Make sure your filtration system is running at least 4 hours a day, the more it runs the more the filters clean the water, the longer the better. Cloudy water can be caused by many things, soap on skin, deodorants, lotions, body creams, soap residue or dyes in bathing suits, make-up, and not rinsing your filters often enough (at least once a week). To clear up cloudy water: Rinse your filters, this is the most important thing to do, then shock the tub with 2oz of 99% dichlor. This should clear it up right away and if it doesn't, call me!! Be patient, the water will clear up it just may take a little time.

We have developed some foam on our water. Why?

This can be caused by a few things, most notably soap from your body or swimsuits. I recommend rinsing your swimsuits in water after they come out of the wash. It can also be caused by using too much of The Natural Solution. If you develop foam on a frequent basis try cutting the amount of The Natural Solution that you use by 1/4 ounce.

I am getting new hot tub, do I have to do the 2 day cleansing process.

No you do not. I would recommend that you flush the lines before filling the tub, and clean the whole tub with diluted bleach. Then just fill it up and add 4oz of The Natural Solution and check you pH to make sure it is good.

Are The Natural Solution products more expensive than traditional chemicals?

No, The Natural Solution System is much less expensive than chlorine, bromine, or any other hot tub treatment.