Weekly Complete Start Up Kit

List: $195.75
Price: $187.75
You Save: $8.00
THE COMPLETE START UP KIT COMES WITH 2 BOTTLES OF THE NATURAL SOLUTION FOR HOT TUBS, A BOTTLE OF NATURAL HOT TUB CLEANSER, 2 bottle of Filter Cleaner - Hot Tub Cleanser (1 for cleaning your filters, 1 for cleansing your tub), & 7-TECH 7500 gallon PREFILTER FOR FILTERING YOUR WATER.


At The Natural Solution, we want to get you started right away towards getting clean, clear and fresh hot tub water and our Start Up Kits are the most convenient - and cost-effective - solution. We especially recommend our Start Up Kits to new customers; they provide everything you need for a natural hot tub without the use of toxic hot tub chemicals.

Our natural hot tub products save you time and money. Instead of daily testing, there is a simple once-a-week application that will allow you to keep your hot tub water clean and fresh. Maintaining this weekly schedule keeps enzymes working at 100% efficiency; and enzymes are what quickly - and naturally - break down and dissolve contaminates in your spa water.

Our Start Up Kits include everything you need to maintain a clean, healthy hot tub from our Hot Tub Cleanser to start off your hot tub the right way, to our Natural Filter Cleaner and Natural Hot Tub Treatment to maintain a fresh, clean hot tub. No more daily testing or time consuming maintenance.

Best of all, our line of products are non-toxic and, therefore, won’t cause harm to you or the environment. Using The Natural Solution line of products means you won’t have the rashes, burning red eyes, itching, dry skin and chemical smell that come with traditional hot tub chemicals. Our products contain 100% bio-based, all-natural enzymes.

Browse our selection of Start Up Kits to find the right kit for you. For new customers I recommend the Ultimate or Total Start Up Kits.  If, at any time, you have any questions about our kits - or any of our products - or would like assistance with placing an order, please do not hesitate to contact us, 1-800-693-0585.

All U.S. orders are shipped priority mail so that you receive your products within three days and all International orders are shipped airmail for expedited arrival. At The Natural Solution, we only charge our customers what it costs us to ship your order - nothing more.